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Are you opting out of high stakes tests this year?

In Education Policy, high-stakes tests on April 21, 2013 at 9:19 pm

The national opt-out movement is gaining traction, but I have yet to hear from Georgia families who are opting out of high-stakes tests this year.

Check out the national website

And here’s an excerpt from Maureen Downey’s Get Schooled Blog on the topic:

“While Georgia doesn’t have an organized opt-out movement, Robertson said she’s been fielding more queries from Georgia parents. “I had three potential Georgia opt-outs this week. None of them followed through, but I have feeling next year will be a different story,” she said.

The state Department of Education told me that the CRCT is mandatory and there is no opt-out policy, but Robertson contends that parents can simply decline to have their kids take the test, then follow up with a hearing to see that their children get promoted to the next grade based on teacher input and grades.

“What is interesting about Georgia is that this hearing process would become so cumbersome — quite honestly, impossible — if a mass opt-out occurred. In New York, there was one middle school with close to 250 opt-outs,” she said. “Georgia simply couldn’t find the resources and/or time to perform 250 committee hearings for one school. Which, of course, proves the point once again that opt-out places the power in the hands of the parents, if they would recognize this…”

If you are opting out, or considering opting out, I would love to hear from you.


  1. I am almost happy I didn’t see this 2 weeks ago….My son’s CRCT testing was over Thursday last week. What I mean “almost happy” because I finally excepted these tests and that my son will most likely be held back from progressing to 4th grade. For past 4 weeks, 3 times a week I gave my son a CRCT test that I downloaded; Math, Reading, language, etc. So, I have an idea on how it went. The Reading was first test which was Tues, 2 weeks ago. Before Triston got home I received an email stating that the second part of the test, (1st 70 minutes, then 10 minute break, then another 70 minute test) he didn’t read any of the passages and he was finished in 10-15 minutes. I found when he would read the tests I was giving him out loud he would correctly answer the questions. When he reads to himself, not so good. Some of the questions that were asked I even had to reread the question and the passage. This has made me so sick and stressed and my home has been like that. So, I have somewhat excepted it is what it is but, they better have a different curriculum for Triston cause obviously their first way didn’t work. Complete and total insanity.

    I did find out that parts of the tests that kids have failed they do get a second chance. So, we will see.



  2. My daughter obviously has dyslexia but they are taking forever to start the IEP process so she missed the goal by 3 pts…3pts has stopped my daughter from going to the 4th grade smh makes no sense. I want to appeal obviously but I’ve looked every where no info on what to do. Just info on people expressing how they feel about it. I wish i knew i could Opt out of this test. if you have more info please let me know. My daughter attends a charter school.

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