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Slowing Down. Another plea for a different kind of education.

In Uncategorized on February 10, 2013 at 5:11 pm

Yet another reason to ask ourselves what “slow schooling” might look like, sound like, and feel like…

Another reason to compare the damaging pace of educational “standards” “accountability” “evaluations” and “intervention” to the damaging effects that speed in food (fast food, packaged food, etc.) has on our bodies, minds, environment, and culture…

Another reason to STAND UP TALL and demand that children and youth not be processed through the speed-schooling machine that we have created without regard to the inevitable negative life-long effects.


Thanks to LS for passing on this video!

  1. Stephanie- Thanks for sharing this. As a Reggio Inspired school, we are in constant study and reflection on how slowing down looks. We feel strongly that children deserve it. This is an open invitation for you or your students to visit our school and continue dialogue we began in Reggio Emilia. As one of seven schools of Project Infinity, we offer Educator Exchange Days as a way to talk about these concepts and be in exchange with educators from around the southeast.

    • Thanks for stopping by Patty, and thank you for this great comment. I do want to come visit you and your school. I hope we can make that happen soon!

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