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Surprisingly insightful speech by Matt Damon and other things from the SOS march

In democracy, Education Policy, high-stakes tests, NCLB, politics, professional development resources, Standing up for Kids on August 2, 2011 at 4:51 pm

Two of my undergraduate students went to the march in D.C. this past weekend – they will be posting videos, photos, and their thoughts coming soon. My conversation with them last night was incredible and pointed to so many things about what “education” is – in effect, their 20 hours of driving for a 24 hour event was, in itself, a powerful education – something they will never forget; something that reminded them of some of their readings; something that made them think about themselves and their country and their chosen profession in a profoundly different way. The ultimate field trip, I suggested – doing all the things to a body/mind/person that the best educational “field trips” can do. They laughed out loud and agreed – it was the ultimate field trip that was life-changing.

Here’s part of Matt Damon’s speech, posted at the ajc Get Schooled Blog by Maureen Downey.

What do I love most about what he said? That he pointed to the fact that everything he loves to do, everything he is good at and proud about in his life as a person could never be tested. That’s the point. I could say the same thing about me as a person and as a professional – none of it can be represented on a test. We have to get beyond our narrow-mindedness and small thinking about education – that’s what these tests are: small thinking. Let’s think BIG.┬áThen we can get back to the business of education.


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