stephanie jones

The unemployed need not apply? Jobs, workers, and workers’ rights…

In Teaching Work, work and workers on July 26, 2011 at 1:13 pm

Is this another move – unwittingly or not – to maintain status quo in the U.S. by only allowing those who are currently employed apply for another job? To protect those who “have” and forget those who “have not”?

When stories started coming out about employers making potential employees submit to a credit check, I was stunned. To get a job you need a credit check?

But neoliberal ideals and policies would point directly to this – where businesses or employers have every right and workers have fewer and fewer rights, including maintaing privacy over their home financial matters. This is exactly the “business-friendly” environment neoliberal economic thinkers push for – it’s all about making sure business owners are happy. They decide the rules. Workers are nothing but interchangeable cogs who can be held up to any kind of irrelevant “qualifications” (good credit score; currently employed; ——- read: comes from a middle-class background with financial safety nets to keep the bill collectors away, and is probably white since unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics is much higher right now at about 30%).

Come on NYT writers – get to the analysis of these practices – where do they come from? Why are we seeing them now? Get beyond “It’s a buyer’s market” for workers. Maybe it’s the perfect “market” for workers to coalesce around some basic rights, protest against businesses with such discriminatory employment practices, and start banging on the walls of legislators who are eroding workers’ rights from the north to the south and across the middle.



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