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How much money are we spending on these investigations? Get OUTRAGED!

In high-stakes tests, NCLB on July 20, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Accusations and evidence of “cheating” on state tests is rampant. Check out this article in the Huffington Post to get a sense of the tip of the iceberg.

What is the real story here?

We know corporate testing companies receive billions from public schools for testing materials, test prep materials, corresponding textbooks, etc.

But how much additional money is being used for personnel to secure tests in schools; special training for handling tests; investigations into cheating?

Sometimes I am outraged by things that don’t seem like a big deal to other folks…and I get that. But I have a hunch that if everyday citizens knew how much money was being spent to support the testing frenzy, everyone would be outraged. Especially ordinary parents who have to shell out $50 – $100 for a supply list this August, figure out transportation to and from school since many districts have eliminated bussing within 1-2 miles and sometimes altogether (see this; this; this; this…there are too many news reports about this in the past month across the entire U.S. to fit in a blog post), and get barraged weekly with requests for money for this and that fundraiser because the school doesn’t have the money it needs to operate.


Public schools are supposed to be publicly funded. Forcing working and unemployed families to subsidize public education is a crime when billions of dollars are flowing freely to testing companies (and who knows how much more is flowing to the investigations of testing fraud).


  1. Are the testing companies just a recession-proof money maker? Seems possible to me…

  2. Hi Kelli,

    It seems that way, doesn’t it? It also seems that it’s time to demand they take their hands out of public school pockets so children and teachers have what they need to create real learning and teaching together…

    thanks for stopping by!

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