stephanie jones

Wow…Michelle Rhee the Sara Palin of Education?

In Education Policy, high-stakes tests, inquiry, institutions, justice, Neoliberalism and Education, politics on March 18, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Here is a very interesting website devoted to Rhee’s record and reforms. She is certainly making the rounds, visiting Georgia lawmakers last month and heading to other places next. $50,000.00 speaking fee? Goodness – if that is true I’m really floored. We all have to make a living, but she’s on the fast track to being a wealthy education celebrity who doesn’t seem to know much about education at all…


And her accusation that the ‘seniority’ system in teaching is reason for the massive outsourcing of jobs to overseas workers? Geesh…she really needs to read in economics. Should we also blame teachers for the nuclear disaster in Japan? For the economic crisis on Wall Street? For the anti-Western sentiment around the world?

Come on Rhee – educate yourself. Get a clear sense of what neoliberal economic policies are doing to our country and the globe and humble yourself enough to recognize that “education” as big as it is in the world of educators – has long served the wills and whims of conservative economic desires. And you are not a “reformer” – you’re simply falling right  in line with a long history of education administrators and policymakers who can only see a narrow vision of education as the production of workers while doing everything in their power to exploit the “workers” (read: Teachers) in the system to work harder with fewer resources and less moral support.



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