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From Class Action:
Responding to Attacks on Unions and Social Services

Growing public sector unions present inviting target for right-wing, neo-liberal onslaught, but they provide the services, from fire protection to child care, that we all need.  Wisconsin mobilization provides a model for state-wide and national pushback.

Author activist Bill Fletcher, Jr. gives us the background of the struggle and points to social justice unionism as a way out in “Modern-day Pirates: the Republicans vs. the Public Sector.”

In “Caregiver Unions: Needed but Vulnerable,” labor journalist Steve Early recounts the rapid rise of unions representing home health care aides and child care workers, and what they’re up against now.
In “Who Gets Plowed in New York,” Class Action workshop facilitator Nicole Brown focuses in on classist decisions made by the city’s leadership, and of the misplaced blame placed on sanitation workers.
We encourage you to respond with a comment.  What attacks on public sector unions are occurring in your home state?  How are those unions responding?  Do you see the Wisconsin mobilization spreading?

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