stephanie jones

Child Labor in U.S. Schools?

In Education Policy, family-school relations, high-stakes tests, NCLB on November 1, 2010 at 10:09 pm

Thanks to the Atlanta Journal Constitution for publishing my op-ed essay on merit pay, high-stakes testing, and child labor.



  1. Wow. I loved reading this piece and the other one you mentioned to me. You raised some very thought-provoking issues that I don’t believe are ever considered in this debate. I’m both fascinated and saddened by the string of comments that readers leave, though. Fascinated by the range and vehemence of responses, and saddened that the “loudest” voices are those who don’t seem to have carefully read or considered your arguments. It seems, as is always the case with educational and political issues, that people react more viscerally than rationally – and I’m saying this as someone who argues for the validity of emotional responses in schools! But I understand the value of both, and I agree with what I read in a previous blog entry here that unfortunately a lot of it is grounded in fear and mistrust by people who have no real experience in education other than their own personal histories as students and parents. There’s got to be some way to validate those feelings without closing off one’s mind or jumping to conclusions. Still, I’m glad you keep stirring the pot.

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