stephanie jones

Great essay from TCR on high-stakes testing and the relentless push of “individualism”

In American Dream, communities, Education Policy, high-stakes tests, NCLB, politics on July 5, 2010 at 6:18 pm

Ahhhh yes, just what we want, a bunch of individual people moving about in their isolated worlds only caring about what they can accumulate: high test scores, better grades, bigger happy faces from state and federal government more impressive resume, bigger cars, faster computers, fancier clothes, high-powered friends, more “green” possessions, it could go on and on and on where everything in a society is commodified and fetish-ized…and where everyone learns to only be concerned about themselves and not the impact their actions have on others – or the future of the planet.

Well, we’ve always known schooling as an institution (at least in the United States where individualism is so deeply embedded in the roots of our country) promotes individualism unless students land in a classroom where a teacher explicitly teaches against it…but do we realize the impact of high-stakes testing and how it propels individualist ideology even further?

Check out this essay…great food for thought even if it doesn’t end this nightmare we are in…


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