stephanie jones

Are other countries better at limiting educational achievement differences among students from disparate socioeconomic backgrounds?

In American Dream, classism, democracy, Education Policy, families, family-school relations, poverty, social class, social policy on May 8, 2010 at 7:49 pm

Apparently all countries experience differential educational achievement aligned with social class – but some are worse than others (U.S. is apparently near the top of that list) and some are better at diminishing those differences in school achievement (Iceland, Japan, Canada, Korea are some of those) but the reasons why are not clear – is it education policy? social welfare policies? economic policies? While no one seems sure about that, it seems we could at least look at these countries to see how they’re making this part of education work while the U.S. still seems to fail miserably. Check out this guest article in the Washington Post.


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