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I finally figured out the password!

In justice, politics, poverty, social class on March 22, 2010 at 10:33 pm

Okay, am I the only one who works on multiple computers, has so many passwords it’s a crapshoot every time a log-in prompt appears on a screen, and just randomly forgets really important passwords on a regular basis? Well, for months I have not had my password to this blog because it was saved on a computer that went ker-plunk and I tried so many different passwords on other computers that it stopped letting me try a long time ago. That’s where I am. Why is life so complicated? I’ve been DYING to blog here – there’s so much going on!

Well today we can say that historic legislation has passed. Is it a step toward universal healthcare coverage? Have we finally decided that every person in our country deserves health care with dignity? Will we regret the mandate for purchasing healthcare insurance later? What will that mandate do to folks who are really struggling, don’t have access to information about the subsidies offered, or other folks who tend to fall through the cracks? We have people in jail because of other insurance mandates – auto insurance for one – do we want to end up criminalizing un-insured human beings? I’m a bit worried about this part of the bill, but I’m really hopeful about childless adults having access to public healthcare insurance beginning in 2014 (wish it was sooner!), and so many uninsured folks having an opportunity to visit a doctor before they fall victim to illnesses that spiral out of control.

So…it’s a historic day. What better time to miraculously discover the old password I set years ago and begin to blog again?


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