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Stop this Nonsense and Get Kids Outside!

In Uncategorized on December 10, 2008 at 4:21 pm

No Child Left Behind has had many ill effects: Narrowing the curriculum, pushing out play-based and project-based education, evaluating students and teachers with standardized tests that are biased and not aligned with state standards and local curricula, diminishing arts education and physical education, and skilling and drilling our kids to fantastic boredom.

Did you also know that because of “instructional goals” kids are not getting to play outside either???

I worked with schools in New York that had no-recess policies and have heard of numerous ones across the country. Others have such little unstructured recess time they may as well have none (15 minutes in my first grade daughter’s school – and that includes the bathroom break). I’m investigating recess time in my daughter’s school and in the district, and we should all do that on a local scale, but we can also work together as a collective force.

It’s disrespectful, inhumane, and absolutely counterproductive to learning, motivation, and achievement.

Check out this website for NO CHILD LEFT INSIDE – legislation pushing for reconnecting kids with their natural worlds through outdoor learning and environmentally-focused education. You can learn about the initiative, sign a petition, and spread it like wildfire…

Let’s respect kids, their education, and the environment all at once and make public schools get kids outside.

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Kids hold their concentration better after playing outside. They tend to have fewer behavior problems. They are happier and healthier. And 15 minutes is better than nothing. Kids can do a lot of running around in 15 minutes. Hopefully, the tide is turning on this trend. Our kids deserve it.

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