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Grandmas for Obama

In Uncategorized on October 8, 2008 at 12:36 pm

It’s no secret that i am an Obama supporter, so I’ll get right to the point:

One of my grandmas called me this morning to wish me happy birthday (happy birthday to me…) and we talked for a very long time about the debates, Obama, McCain, Palin, the healthcare crisis, job losses, etc.

She and her friends – all retired and living in the Battleground State of Ohio – are enthusiastic supporters of Obama. In fact, in her words, they see McCain as dangerous to our national security (more wars), clueless about how most people live, dangerous about healthcare, and clueless about the impact of job losses. So many factories have shut down in Ohio over the last few years and even more are shutting down faster right now. They think he is an “old” 78-years and if something happened to him they would be horrified for Palin to run the country. They also believe McCain selected Palin because she’s a woman, proving how “out of touch” he is, not only with young people but even with women in his own generation.

Go grandmas!!!

Here’s another great inquiry opportunity: are there generation gaps in the support lining up behind each candidate?

We’re hearing so much about the “youth” getting involved – what about the retirees who are McCain’s age? Where are they standing?


  1. Stephanie:

    You brought up an excellent point in this post. I think many of the older folks in this country truly contributed to Obama’s win last week. Thank goodness they did!

    Will you be at NCTE? I’m presenting this year on Saturday, 11/22 about my MARP. Hope to see you in TX.


    My best,

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