stephanie jones

Social class, education reform, and political affiliation

In justice, politics, poverty, social class, teacher education resources on October 7, 2008 at 10:08 pm

I’m a little behind on my reading these days, but there were two terrific articles in NYT magazine a few weeks ago.

Check this one out, by Paul Tough (he’s redeeming himself with all this work on Geoffrey Canada), that argues it takes more than traditional “school” to change the opportunities and achievement of children from poor families. I hate the in-fighting of progressives/liberals about what is best for public education, and this short piece spells out some of those arguments as well as setting up what Obama’s plan may be and the challenges he would face if elected.

And here’s another from the same issue by David Frum looking at the impact of income inequality within a particular geopolitical region and political persuasion. This is a very interesting analysis and may surprise some of you – some of it certainly surprised me.

How do these two articles relate to the issues in your communities? How about in your schools? Two more great pieces to animate talk around social class, disparity, and social/educational reform.


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