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Constructing texts to persuade voters…Critical literacies at work

In creativity, critical literacy, democracy, politics, satire as critical literacy, social action, teacher education resources on September 24, 2008 at 11:18 pm

Here’s a shout out to Karen Spector for sending this link:

I’m Voting Republican

It’s a brilliantly constructed web-based text and video that would be lots of fun to have students explore why the website is called “I’m voting Republican,” why the video is constructed the way it is, how satire and parody can be used as social critique and for the work of social change, and how its “official” look plays a powerful role in the potential persuasiveness of the text itself.

I would also encourage students of many ages to research each of the “issues” raised by each actor/actress in the video and compare what they learn to the website’s content…

Have fun!

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