stephanie jones

is a fair tax one possible way to work towards economic equity?

In politics, social class on November 8, 2007 at 8:46 pm

Jane Van Galen has a great post about a book she recently read regarding replacing the income tax system with a retail/consumption tax system in the U.S. Lots of folks have been talking about this, and Jane has received an interesting comment from “Ian” about how a “Fair Tax” would work.

I agree with Jane about the refreshing feeling of imagining a concrete, economic way to work toward equity rather than always working more abstractly around issues of morality and other things that are extremely important (access to schools, technology, entry-level positions, housing, etc.) but always already within an existing inequitable system. Completely redefining the very system of taxation seems like something that may make a real difference and something that is actually possible to accomplish in the near future – if, that is, it would truly make a positive qualitative (and quantitative) difference in the lives of working-class and poor people.

Obviously there is a lot of bantering around about this already – check out some of these sites:

Americans for a Fair Tax

Fact Check

Fair Tax Calculator

Fair Tax Blog

With all this going on…how is one supposed to know what to think?

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