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Classism is everywhere – My experience in the hospital

In critical literacy, language, politics, poverty, social class, stephanie jones on October 13, 2007 at 5:53 pm

I have deleted the original letter I wrote to the hospital to show my support for everyone who works hard each day to provide professional, respectful, non-judgmental health care to the citizens in and around our county as well as across the country. You know who you are – thank you for making this world a better place one interaction with a patient at a time.

The hospital did not ask, or even imply that they would like me to remove the letter from the Internet, but I have decided that their response was a positive, productive one and I don’t want future Internet surfers to make quick ongoing judgments about the facility based on my original letter.


  1. First and for most I think that above all you have forgotten the number one thing our country was founded on and should remain instilled in every citizen no matter the circumstances… FREEDOM- freedom of speech as well as opinion, although you may see yourself as above ‘her’ I can guareentee you you are not. it is my understanding that you feel as though you have been violated, but it is my impression that you have as well violated her that in which makes you just as disrespectful and disgusting as you deem her to be. You took the poor womans opinion and threw it in her face through her job, not once did you stop and try to educate her through the experiance you have or your family had been through, but instead went to officials to report her so that she may lose her job. That may be alright as far as your concerned but in my eyes and the ‘others’ I surround myself with you are no better if not more petty than that ‘disgusting woman’. Maybe you should stop judging that ‘woman’ and began educating her if it hurt you so bad that is making a change in the world little bit at a time, you did not want to change opinions or educate people you wanted a story and a reason to make a fuss/riot…. I.E. ‘ I will take this to the newspaper next’ … Your mother obviously did not tell you, it only takes one small gesture before it is passed on ‘pass it forward’ maybe if you had educated her, than she could have changed by a few kind words from someone who cared- too bad you were not that person and made no difference what so ever, I spend more time in hospitals than you think forcing classes on people will not change them it will only keep there thoughts in their head and with their family members, and out in stores away from their ‘profession’ It was not important to you to change a person just the world too bad you will die unsuccessfully, it is better to win at least one or two battles than it is to win a war. People will read what you have said think about it, maybe even care about it for a couple of months but than routine will set in and all will be forgotten everyone has to go to the hospital sooner or later- but here you could have made a difference in just one person… YOU are the one who disgusts me.

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